Special Screening of Killers.

by - Monday, June 07, 2010

Thanks Nuffnang for inviting me to this movie.
and Thanks Munkey for collecting the tickets for me. =P

Title: Killers
Date: 3rd of June
Time: 9P.M.
Venue: GSC, 1Utama

Ashton Kutcher as Spencer is HOT!! Look at his body!! *drooooling*
Basically, this movie is pretty short. It's only 1.5 hours.
I expect it to be longer, maybe 2 hours.

Too little of actions but just nice amount of romance?
It's a combination of Comedy, Romance and Actions.

I think guys will like the very front part when there's lots of pretty girls in Bikinis. =P

Loook Loookk LOoKKK!
The sexy, Hot body. =P
Not too muscular but just nice ^^

Jen and Spencer falling in love. =D
Awww~ So sweet. =)

This is so damn common among the married couples.
Am I right? =P

I don't think so this is common. =X LOL.

Actually, I didn't meet many new bloggers during this screening.
Many of them ffk-ed, I think.
I watched this movie with Jayleo, Munkey, Spectre and Krazy.

Sorry, no photos taken with them because I was late. =X

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