I love you, Baby.

by - Thursday, June 10, 2010

I love you so much,
I hope our love will not fade.

Can you just hold me and don't say anything?
Will you remember all of our sweet moments?

My heart is always yours,
No one can take me away from you.

If one day you are gone,
I will no longer exist.

Our love is non-material,
I will not love you just because of your roses,
I will not love you just because of your look.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Wanna know who is my new Baby? =)

I bet no one ever seen him before. =)
Wanna know? LOL.
He is......
My CANON 1000D!!!!!!!!!

Haha! =D

My baby is very sexy.
He can capture nice images. =P
and he allows me to touch him thoroughly. =P

Canon 1000D. =P
with camera bag of course. =)

Blogger with her new baby.

Sorry, I was wearing HOUSE clothes.

Wanna see what my baby can do?

I think I can add some words on the left side. LOL.

I didn't know my astro remote control is that dusty. =/

Sorry, I guess you all did think that I have a BOYFRIEND. =D

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