Premier Screening of The Descent 2.

by - Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks to Nuffnang for giving the invites to watch this movie. =D

Title: The Descent 2
Date: 18th of May
Time: 9.30P.M.
Venue: e@Curve
Rate: 6/10

I think it's kinda bloody when the blood flow actually like waterfall. =O The sound effect that actually quite scary. I was laughing all the way because I was frightened by the stupid SUDDEN OCCURRENCE of the monsters and the sound effect. =/

Overall, it's still ok. As a reminder, don't go caves by yourself...and never go explore caves because of your curiousity...=) It may lead to a very bad thing. =P

Can you see what's behind?
Yes, it's one of the crawlers which will eats up all your organs. =/

The crawlers are actually blind, they detect you by listening to your voice and breath.
So, never shout in the caves. =)

See? I told you!
I told you to be SHUT UP. =P

After all the blood and struggles, you will end up like this.
All dirty and black. =P

It's ok, at least you're survived. =)

Finally, climb out of the caves. =P
Yeeee Haaaa~ ^^

Before the screening,
we bloggers & peoples invited by us camwhored lots wei. =P

Baboon, Munkey and Jiayeen.

3 bloggers.

Blogger, XQ and Reen.

3 leng luis. =)

4 Girls.

Baboon was being named as Fiona on that day.

4 leng luis. =)

Reen, XQ, Leng, ME.

Jiayeen's copyrighted cute pose.

LOL. Meow Meow~
Don't I look like one? =P

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So. =P

Me, Leng, Baboon.

Munkey, Jiayeen and Jayleo.

Surprisingly, Jayleo knows who my brother is. =X
That day was my first time meeting Munkey and Jayleo. LoL.

Hehe. Two Giraffes.
Happy? =P I named you as giraffe. =D

Jayleo's friend, Jayleo, Jiayeen, Wendy, Fiona.

Yes, First time meeting them too. =)
I really met lots of bloggers through this screening. =D

I will be looking forward for the next screening. ^^

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