Nikon D60 vs Canon 1000D

by - Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Nikon D60.

The picture of Nikon D60.

The Canon 1000D.

As you can see, I have got lots of different comments for both DSLRs.
Some support Canon but some support Nikon.

Left:Canon 1000D, Right one:Nikon D60

Left: Canon 1000D, Right:Nikon D60

According to the research I have done, there are several differences between these two DSLRs.

Nikon D60:
  • Cheaper
  • Slower Start-up speed
  • with Active D-Lighting
  • More consistent focusing accuracy
  • ISO up to 3200
  • Nikon's 18-55mm Lens perform better than Canon 1000D
  • and more...
Canon 1000D:
  • More expensive compared to Nikon D60
  • Faster start-up speed and shorter shutter lag
  • Built-up Flash sits higher in the up position
  • Compatible with Canon Direct Print printers
  • with 7-point Auto Focus(AF)
  • ISO up to 1600
  • and more...
For more info, You may click HERE to view more advantages and disadvantages between these two DSLRs.

Anyway, both Canon 1000D and Nikon D60 are with 10 Megapixels. =) So in terms of Mp, they have no differences. Both of the DSLRs are almost similar in terms of sizes.
Canon 450D.
The 4 sides view of Canon 450D.

There are some photo samples for Canon 450D:

Canon 450D:
  • Expensive, the price in Malaysia still up to RM2000 and above.
  • with higher Megapixels, 12 Megapixels. For people who wants to print a Big poster, this would affects the quality.
  • ISO up to 1600
  • with Auto Lighting optimizer
  • with 9 point Auto Focus(AF)
  • and more...
For more info, please click HERE. =)

Canon 550D.

The 2 sides View of Canon 550D.

There are some photo samples for Canon 550D.

Canon 550D:
  • with high Megapixels, 18 Megapixels.
  • with Auto Lighting Optimizer w/ Face Detection
  • 3.7fps continuous shooting speed, up to maximum burst of 34 shots
  • Fast start-up speed, 0.1 second
  • with silent shooting mode for quiet environment
  • with 9 point Auto Focus(AF)
  • High ISO up to 6400, expandable to 12800
  • and more...
For more info, you may click HERE for Canon 550D.

My Point of View:

For me, I have budget for DSLR because I need to sponsor myself for DSLR.
My budget is around RM2000 or less.
I was planning either to buy Nikon D60 or Canon 1000D or Second-hand Canon 450D.
A new Canon 450D costs around RM2400, it's over my budget.
For Canon 550D, yes, it's good but it's very expensive too. It's around RM3000. =/

I still not decide which to buy yet. Still comparing.
Canon 1000D? Nikon D60? or Second-hand Canon 450D?
We shall see later. =D

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